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About Us

Hämeen Kylät  is a non-profit association of villages in Häme province (Tavastia region).


  • implement policies to promote rural areas vitality
  • provide expert statements  to authorities
  • work in collaboration with the Suomen Kylät ry (Finnish Villages Association) to citizens’ activity at regional, local and village
  • arrange events, village happenings and meetings
  • provide training and education to local volunteers and stakeholders
  • implement projects EU, EAFRD, and national initiatives
  • engage in employment promotion in rural areas, for instance by providing job opportunities  and on-the-job training for long-term unemployed
  • connect villages and facilitate networking between villages and other stakeholders
  • communicate and educate the society at large regarding issues that matter to the rural population
  • organize the annual Best Häme Village Competition
  • coordinate the nationwide Open Village Day in our region 13.6.2020


For further information:

Elina Leppänen, Provincial Village Coordinator

+358 400 944 868